Walmart – Shopping and Saving App Reviews

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Has gotten worse

The app was good but now rarely remembers my password so I have to retrieve it each time just to use it.

Very unhappy

I have been using this app for almost a year with no problems, now the past week it wont load my savings it just shows the loading symbol!!! I have uninstalled it twice and no change!!! I have money I cant get to!!!

Walmart fun

Love this app. I enjoy shopping and then scanning my receipts to see if I won the price war lol

Great app

I mainly use this app for reordering medication and the receipt cash back. I occasionally use it to look up items. Its easy to use and I rarely have problems with it.

Keeps resetting password

I have to reset my password every time to login.

No 1 hr photo

Im disappointed with the fact that there is no 1 hr photo in the app

Horrible after last update

its time to fire your programmers and get someone who can write code that wont constantly glitch. Logins dont work anymore. No response to complaints. Before the last update the app worked pretty good. Caught some good savings. Any way to revert back to previous version?

Used to be good

This used to be the app the family love shopping with at Wal-Mart. Now payments dont go through for whatever reasons. Disappointing

New update doesnt work

Ever since the new update, the app keeps crashing and I can no longer use it to shop. Disappointed.

What happened?!

Like others who are complaining, I also have to reset my password EVERY TIME I open the app. Ive emailed for help on this issue and received no answer. Please listen to us and fix this!!

Cant complain

So far so good. I havent used the savings catcher in a while and when I did I went on line. I finally decided to get the app and its been cool. I was even able to do some of my Christmas shopping on here so far.

Needs improvement

Would give 5 stars if I didnt have trouble using in store. 100% reliability would require going to store with no wallet and always having a way to pay for merchandise. Why else would you make an app like this.

Only benefits Walmart

The options given on this app have zero benefits for users and only benefit Walmart. Want to cancel an order? Well its long and difficult and just tries to get you to change you mind. Then it makes it difficult to get your money back. Still trying to get back my hundred dollars.

Search is broken

Trying to find if local Walmart has an "eureka belt style u" in stock and I get items that have one of the of the entered search terms instead of items that have all the search terms. It make the app useless. Still looking for an style u vacuum belt and after about 30 minutes in app I dont know if my local store has it or not. It took me about a minute in the target site to find my local target has five in stock. So off to Target I go. This is the worst app ever.


So happy I found this app. I love looking for specials and entering my receipts.


Everything I use Walmart pay my payments get declined and say use an alternate payment method. This has been happening for weeks across multiples cards and Walmarts. I can then pay with the exact same card that got declined at the terminal and my payment goes through. SO FRUSTRATING!! GET IT TOGETHER WALMART!!!

I love it!

I dont have a Walmart near by so this app is my go to, to get the best deals!!

Doesnt work - uninstalling

Supposedly it detects when you arrive at the store, notifies you & lets you send a message to the online pick up staff to pull your order so you dont have to stand in line. I could see that the order was ready by going thru the menu, but never got the promised notifications and had to wait in line. Another customer- also in line said he had been in earlier in the week, picked up his order, THEN the app notified him when he was almost to his car. This app is worthless!


The app accomodates my needs.

Cannot transfer reward dollars to egift card

Since the last upgrade have not been able to transfer reward dollars to an Egift card. Although the option is under the reward dollars hitting it does nothing. Ive closed it, signed out and reloaded the app. Just doesnt work - please fix! It also would help if you had a support option that allowed you to report issues with the app!

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