Walmart – Shopping and Saving App Reviews

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Great App !!

I love this app

Location Misbehavior

Why is the app accessing my compass calibration when I have location access turned off for the app in iOS settings ?

Pharmacy and store

The worse store ever 0 stars

Love saving $!

Scan works well. Used for two years now. Thanks!

Great way to save money!

It just needs more than a 7 day window to let you scan receipts.

Update dont work

Before the latest update I didnt have to sign in every time to use Walmart-Pay, this update the app wont sign in, like the servers are out. Couldnt use Walmart-Pay, tried to sign in a couple hourse later, same problem. So whats the use if you cant use the app.FIX THE APP!!!!!!! 3rd request


App is crashing now iPhone 7 Plus

Garbage app

Ive had this app since February of 2016 and managed to save up over $20. During these last few updates the app has crashed repeatedly, logged me out, failed to allow me to log back in without resetting my password, and the most recent complaint is that every receipt Ive ever logged was deleted, and now I have lost the $20 I had saved. Ive emailed app support and have yet to receive an answer. So, what is the point in the app if all the savings I accrued are deleted and theres no help to retrieve it. Also what if I need to return items that were on the receipts that were deleted? This app is an extension of Walmarts crap customer service. Dont bother using it unless you plan to keep all your receipts and collect your savings as you receive them.

Used to be good

I used to LOVE this app, now theyve added outside retailers who JACK UP prices on items and you have to scroll through those to find actual Walmart items. For instance, look up the Hatchimals on it, some outside retailer, whose items come up first, have them for $200+ when Walmart is "supposed" to have them for $45

Love it!

Love this app. Easy to use and convient.

Cant review Pharmacy history.

This app. seems to be getting worse not better. Is any body there? Do you ITs read these reviews.

Cannot log into the app due to app issues

Cannot log into app due to app constantly having technical issues. The app is constantly stating my password is incorrect forcing me to reset it.

Worst App I Have

Is Wal Mart intentionally making the Savings Catcher part of this app inaccessible? It sure looks like it. It will not let you use your password to put in receipts and it will not let you change passwords. I have read so many reviews saying the same thing and the have been several updates. So if you are loading this app to use the Savings Catcher, forget it. Remember they are in business to make money not give it to you. It seemed to good to be true in the first place.

Love it...

I use this every time I shop at Walmart I like to see my money saved using the savings daughter is the one that showed me. As I said use it every time I shop...


Every time I try to log in, I have to reset my password because the app either a) will not accept my correct password or b) says my account has been compromised and I need to reset my password. Its a process to get in to the account just to scan my receipt. I have to reset my password every. single. time. Of course, when I finally have time to do this, the receipt is beyond the 7 day window....

Savings catcher issue

My savings catcher is not working correctly. For months the "redeem" button has been missing so I have no way of cashing in my money ($120) Ive called and called and all they say is theyre sorry and will try to fix the issue but arent sure if it can be resolved. Basically, Im getting the run around and they are stealing $120 from me. Id give it zero stars if I could.

Savings catcher

Love love love the app!! It takes the hassle out of looking threw sale papers and finding an item cheaper somewhere else so that Walmart will match it!! The saving catcher does it for you. And the best part is you can redeem your savings whenever you want to online to a shopping card!! Love it!!

Works well most of the time

Sometimes its slow and lately its been logging me out a lot, which is a bit annoying.

Great app

Just got nearly $4 back on one receipt! Super pumped, thanks Walmart (:

Too Many Other Stores!!

Make an app JUST FOR WAL-MART products!!! Get rid of all the questionable venders so I can SHOP from Wal-Mart only! So annoying to put wal-mart with every search I do. Make it easy! I like site to store option. Wal-Mart only. Put the others in another APP.

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